Psychonauts 2: Very Limited and Stylish Press Kit Unboxing!

A month after its launch, Psychonauts 2 has established itself as one of the most significant experiences of this year. With its crisp writing, earthy universe, and endearing characters, Double Fine’s title is a tremendous success. A production of rare wealth and generosity that shows, if necessary, all the talent of the teams led by Tim Schafer. And if the return of Raz ‘was already an event in itself, Xbox has decided to accompany it with a colorful press kit and perfectly in the spirit of the title. Discovery!

An ultra collector’s press kit

It is a large box that reached the newsroom. Not particularly heavy, but bulky enough to attract attention and arouse curiosity. An Xbox France package whose content claims to be of the most value. This is one of the five copies reserved for France of the Psychonauts 2 press kit!

From the opening, there is no doubt that it is in the Double Fine universe where we will dive. The outer packaging is in fact the Psychonauts logo, prominently displayed at the top of the package, while the interior features the recognizable psychedelic green swirl.

At the inauguration, a letter awaits us, as well as a reproduction of a brain and glasses! When it comes to taking note of the few words written by Xbox France, it is necessary to immerse yourself in solving a riddle.

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