Psychonauts 2’s latest trailer features a great mental adventure

The latest trailer for Psychonauts 2 introduces us to characters and storylines that we’ll have to deal with in the prequel.

Double Fine is doing well lately. There is no reason for less, really. After many years of waiting, the sequel to his star work will finally be available. And to celebrate, what better than the last Psychonauts 2 Trailer? The one who tells us about his plot, his characters and his adventures that we are going to live in the world of the imagination.

And in fact, we don’t just have a great trailer to enjoy. Australian media WellPlayed has made public the resolutions in which it can be played on all platforms for which the title will be available. You can see the full list of performances on each platform below.

Xbox one: 1920 x 1080/30 FPS.

Xbox one x: 3840 x 2160/30 FPS.

Xbox s series: 2880 x 1620/60 FPS or 1920 x 1080/120 FPS.

Xbox x series: 3840 x 2160/60 fps or 2560 x 1440/120 fps.

PS4: 1920 x 1080/30 FPS.

PS4 Pro: 2560 x 1440/30 FPS.

PS5: 2560 x 1440/60 FPS.

Psychonauts 2 is a prequel to the first title in the series. Originally released for Xbox, GameCube, and PlayStation 2, this was one of Double Fine’s first works in the indie world. Its plot centered on psychonauts, people trained to enter people’s minds to solve their psychological problems.

Thus, each level is presented as a different challenge from the previous one. A world can be a person’s imagination with addiction problems in casinos. Anything is possible when the imagination is in your hands and you know how to interpret the thoughts of others. Psychonauts are looking for a way to help people through their ability to learn.

It’s a game that you take to yourself with a lot of humor. This is the philosophy with which Double Fine has always been ahead in its work over the past twenty years.

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