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Public Call on Facebook to Destroy Watchtowers: What Does Justice Do?

The day before yesterday, the site, which claims to be a “militant anti-animal press,” issued a press release, allegedly received anonymously.

Under the guise of pseudo-anonymity, the site published a message that activists operating in the Seine and Marne deliberately destroyed the watchtower in broad daylight a few days ago: ” We approached looking for some camera traps in the surrounding trees. There were none. As we approached the base of this sturdy tower over 3 meters high, we realized we needed to cut 4 feet and try to make it tilt. After a few minutes of work, the tower was on the ground. “

The statement then adds: “Destroying what serves these assassins will allow them to take back what makes them strong, both materially and morally … so grab your saws, monkey wrenches and bolt cutter … and fight together with the inhabitants of the forest. ! “

So, here’s a message that couldn’t be clearer than one would think to be seen only on the “dark web”, but no, it’s there, visible in a few clicks. Worse, this post is even broadcast on Facebook and is still online at the time of this writing, despite mobilizing hunters to report this post en masse.

This morning, we were outraged by the condemnation of a hunter who immobilized only an AVA member who himself injured a hunter, but the world’s first social network allows messages to be broadcast calling for hatred and destruction on the loose.

How long can anti-species activists brag about such actions? When will justice take action on these words and finally take action?

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