Public transport documentation: moratorium expires, ACCO president urges owners to fulfill their responsibilities

A few days before the expiration of a week-long moratorium granted by the authorities to public transport drivers, President of the Association of Drivers of the Congo (ACCO) Jean Mutombo is addressing vehicle owners as well as drivers. who own vehicles to carry out their official duties, that is, in order with their on-board documents.

He announced this to ACTUALITE.CD on Thursday, July 15th.

“We train vehicle owners and vehicle owners to fulfill this civic duty. Therefore, in order to comply with the law, you need to buy documents (…). I do not think that a car without an on-board document can be allowed to cross the road. At the level of the urban transport division, any vehicle owner who wants to carry out the paid transportation of people must first have a transportation permit, this is a document that gives permission to carry out the paid transportation of people or goods; technical inspection certificate, pink card and insurance, ”he told ACTUALITE.CD.

“It used to be difficult to go down the ice, but today I’m comfortable.”

For their part, drivers say they see a marked improvement in their working conditions during this period, when the authorities asked the police to temporarily stop checking.

“The government asked us to be able to comply with the established laws, including no longer taking the second lane and having the documents for the car at our disposal. Haven’t you noticed that since the moratorium was announced, the number of traffic jams has decreased, and we no longer have to face harassment from the police as before? It used to be difficult to shoot ice cream, but today I feel comfortable and proud to be in my country, ”said Mr. Willie, the taxi driver he met in front of the Kinshasa City Hall.

To Charles Ngalieme, the driver of the bus found at the same location, add:

“The persecution here is excessive. I, I have insurance. But nothing is enough for him to stop you. We are all leaders in search of money to feed our families. From the point of view of the document, I am finished. I have numbering and everything connected with it. “

Another driver is surprised that some police officers are still trying to create problems despite this moratorium.

“Those who are there are for money, and the document does not matter to them. There are 4 reasons why they stop us. Firstly, the route, secondly, the receipt, thirdly, the insurance and, finally, the pink card. Even if you have all these documents, they will do anything to accuse you, ”said Jonathan, saying that he just saw a police officer threatening to get behind the wheel of the driver.

After public transport drivers went on strike on Monday to condemn police harassment they claim to be victims of, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Security, Decentralization and Ordinary Affairs Daniel Aselo announced a week-long moratorium to bring drivers to the order.

“(…) But we must avoid confusion, we do not tell drivers that they will behave in the street in any way. They don’t need to embarrass people, they don’t need to commit offenses. The moratorium is quite simple with regard to the documents that are required of them by law and, therefore, by the city authorities. They must behave with dignity, ”shouted the vice president of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Betila Alfani, IFASIC trainee

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