[Publireportage] Movies and serials that you must watch in the summer on CANAL PLUS

The best movies and the best series of summer on CANAL+

In the summer season 2022, there will be enough to keep your vacation busy thanks to the numerous CANAL PLUS programs. Fortunately, like every summer, the channel’s catalog is updated with new programs. Streaming series, action, comedy, adventure, drama, fantasy or even detective series, there is something for everyone!

So what are the best movies and series to watch this summer on CANAL+? Here is our special selection!

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Top 5 series and movies to watch over the holidays

Flambeau, Chupacabra adventurers

After the brilliant success of La Flamme, Jonathan Cohen offers us Le Flambeau: les adventurers of the chupacabra. This is a new streaming series of 9 episodes filmed in Corsica. Inspired by the mythical reality show Koh Lanta, it retains the same humorous DNA of the previous series but changes the scenery.

Le Flambeau invites us to find Jonathan in the shoes of Mark, the protagonist of La Flamme. Once again, a lonely comedian tries to survive on the uninhabited island of Chupacabra in the company of other adventurers such as Camille Chamu (Chataleret), Ramsay Bedia (Tony Tonic), Adele Exarchopoulos (Soraya) or Geraldine Nakash (Marina).

Amazing friend: “The one who runs and the one who stays”

L’Amie Prodigieuse is an 8-episode drama series set in tormented 1970s Italy. In the third season, adapted from the third novel in the Elena Ferrante saga, Lila and Elena, the two heroines of the series, are at a crossroads and follow two different paths. While Elena has become a brilliant writer, Lila still has to work in a small factory to make a living. Despite their different choices, the two women maintain a strong bond of friendship. This is one of the summer 2022 episodes not to be missed in the CANAL+ series!

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do not leave me

In this new Italian series from Maddalena Ravaglia and Leonardo Fazoli, police officer Elena lives and works in Rome. A cybercrime specialist, she investigates pedophiles who kidnap minors and sell them online on the dark web.

When the body of a child is found in the Venetian lagoon, Elena decides to return to Venice, the city she left over 18 years ago. Mysteriously, she meets Daniel, her great teenage crush and the Commissioner of the Crime Unit in charge of the case. Action and emotion combine to create a brilliantly choreographed series!

Shang-Chi: Legend of the Ten Rings

If you’re wondering what movie to watch this summer, then Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a choice worth considering! In this Marvel Comics film, Shang-Chi, a kung fu master played by Simu Liu, is caught up in the network of the dangerous Ten Rings organization. He must confront the leader of a criminal gang, who is just his father, in order to unravel the mystery of the legend of the ten rings.

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free guy

This is without a doubt one of the best streaming movies of the summer. Free Guy features a bank clerk (Guy) who discovers that he is just an out-of-control character in a video game. Guy then decides to be the hero of his own story. His life will change when he meets Molotov’s girlfriend, a young programmer full of ambition…

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