Punisher: TV series reboot confirmed by mistake? –

Now that Marvel Studios has reinstated the rights to the series it co-created with Netflix – Luke Cage, Daredevil, The Punisher, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist – it looks like the company is intent on updating all of these heroes. Moreover, The Punisher reboot has apparently just been confirmed. Rosario Dawson.

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Return of Jon Bernthal?

It’s during Chicago Comic and Entertainment Show 2022 than an actress who embodies Claire Temple The Marvel/Netflix series has leaked exclusive information about the return of the anti-hero.

In that fan filmed videoyou can hear him say, “I found out yesterday that The Punisher is coming back. And I feel like this is a second chance for me to appear in it as it’s the only program I haven’t been in and I love Jon Bernthal!”

  • See Rosario Dawson’s statement:

The Punisher ran for 2 seasons and 26 episodes before stopping in 2019 and returning John Bernthal in Frank Castle, it’s far from impossible: reboot Daredevil: Reborn already scheduled for Spring 2024 and Marvel has announced film about lightning as of July 2024.

Recall that the Thunderbolts are somewhat reminiscent of Marvel’s Suicide Squad, that is, a team of supervillains or antiheroes in which Baron Zemo, Elena Belova (aka the new Black Widow) Ghost rider or… chastener !

It is likely that we will receive more information on this subject when D23deployment September 9-11 next in California. Marvel should show up there details about phases 5 and 6 of his MCU.

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