Purecontrol ensures the energy regulation of industrial automation

Founded in 2017 in Rennes, the start-up Purecontrol has developed an energy regulation software solution suitable for all types of industrial automation. Artificial intelligence algorithms make it possible to analyze the operation of a piece of equipment and to predict its needs according to objectives and / or surrounding factors.

“Designed as a digital twin with machine and deep-learning processes, the platform makes it possible to control and regulate an industrial system efficiently in order to reduce operational, energy and also environmental costs”, summarizes Claire Hardy, marketing and communication manager of the Rennes start-up.

5,000 installations within three years

This technological brick, Geoffroy Maillard and Gautier Avril, the directors of Purecontrol, initially developed it to regulate the temperature of swimming pool basins. But it is on the market for wastewater treatment plants that they have been able to experience it for almost 18 months. Their system makes it possible to adapt the operation of the equipment in order to have a conformity of the water leaving the basin, while reducing its energy consumption by 5 to 20%.

Today, the Purecontrol solution is deployed in 150 installations, including around 100 purification stations. Within three years, 5,000 installations are targeted: purification stations, but also drinking water treatment, incineration or methanization plants, equipment where regulation is complex. In addition to an installation package, the start-up is remunerated, via a commission, on the financial gains that its solution generates for its customers.

Other markets

Relying on a technological brick that can adapt and be established on any industrial equipment, the start-up does not intend to stop at these specific market segments. Purecontrol wants to become a leader in regulation, supervision and management solutions for industrial processes.

“Discussions are underway with players in the food industry, metallurgy and even the steel industry”, says Claire Hardy. The start-up has thus coupled its software solution to a camera to detect defects on a production line of industrial caps.

A financing round of 1.7 million euros

To achieve this goal, the start-up has just completed a first financial transaction for a total amount of 1.7 million euros. In addition to Bpifrance and banks, Geoffroy Maillard and Gautier Avril, who developed the company in equity, are bringing in their capital in a minority way, the business-angel Sylvain Richert and the Okwind group.

Based in Torcé in Ille-et-Vilaine, Okwind specializes in the design and manufacture of equipment dedicated to the self-consumption of renewable energies. In particular, the company has developed a bi-axis photovoltaic tracker on a mast, inspired by biomimicry of the functioning of the sunflower.

The two companies will pool their expertise to offer a “new offer in energy management, combining solar tracker, supervision tools from Okwind (21 million euros in turnover – 105 employees) and software technology from Purecontrol.” With this offer, they are targeting sectors such as agriculture or industry with continuous fires electricity consumption profiles on the self-consumption market. Since the start of 2021, Purecontrol has tripled its workforce to 16 employees. The team is expected to double by the end of 2022.

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