PvP MMO Night Crows is set to launch next April

Following the announcement at G-Star 2022, Night Crows is gearing up for its launch scheduled for April next year with a teaser site for the game that will gradually reveal the project’s massive PvP gameplay.

Last November, WeMade took advantage of G-Star 2022 to present Night Crows. We then discovered a “large-scale PvP MMORPG” developed by the Mad Engine studio, which WeMade acquired in 2021 and whose top executives have already signed Project V4.

We remember that WeMade then mentioned a release in April next year in South Korea – on PC and mobile platforms (we knew that the game had cross-platform ambitions, the developer clarifies today which platforms they are talking about). And the future launch date is confirmed today by the launch of the Night Crows teaser site: over the next few weeks, the site aims to gradually reveal the secrets of the game, its game mechanics and its content, waiting for the launch. pre-registration campaign. Until then, the site opens with the publication of the first video teaser, reminiscent of the context of Night Ravens (below).

For reference, Night Crows puts players in the shoes of mercenaries in the heart of a world inspired by 13th century Europe and built with Unreal Engine 5. The game is based on action-packed gameplay, dynamic combat) and promises large-scale clashes on vast battlefields that can collect up to a thousand fighters. And according to the developer, the game also includes a dynamic collision management system so that the mass of fighters can be strategically used by the participating armies.

We’re betting that the official site will refine the gameplay over the next few weeks – and especially the economic model of Night Crows, as WeMade is clearly demonstrating a commitment to integrating it into their WeMix platform to bring together games that need to be earned. by blockchain.

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