Pyrenees-Atlantiques: 13,000 homes on the Basque coast are affected by power outages

This Saturday afternoon, a very high voltage network failure near Perpignan led to a power outage on the Basque coast. Enedis points out that 13,000 households were affected, but electricity would have been restored.

On the coast, from Andaye to Bayonne, along the motorway, this Saturday, July 24, there was a severe power outage in the network. Nearly 13,000 homes would be affected, and electricity was restored at around 6:30 pm, Enedis said.

These reductions are due to the failure of the RTE transmission network near Perpignan, which resulted in load shedding to avoid more general power outages. Overall, Enedis estimated it lasted between 20 and 45 minutes. Firefighters were mobilized, in particular, to interfere with the operation of the elevator car, but they received a lot of calls from people who were interested in what was happening.

In Biarritz, cuts were reported between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm, particularly at traffic lights and also in some shops. Other abbreviations were observed, notably in Anglet or Bayonne.

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