Pyrénées Gaming: “Wo Long”, the rhythm in the skin

The question of rhythm

We are in 184, in the full Han Dynasty. We embody a fully customizable hero, but who will not last long, as he dies in the first minutes of the game, trying to save a blind child. A rather abrupt start, but well timed as our hero is resurrected in the process. We’ll spare you the lengthy explanations, just know that the previously rescued blind youth has a connection to all of this, like the famous elixir that will eventually serve as a red thread in the game.

In any case, “Vo Long” stands out from the game not so much in the scenario, but in the gameplay and this famous requirement. Like Sekiro, so there will be a lot of timing questions due to this parry system that is at the heart of the game. This is all the more important since it will also raise a special attack bar that will allow you to attack again first to weaken the enemy. before you can attack him more violently.

The editors advise you

Gameplay specific to Wo Long that works very well once you get the hang of it and allows you to chain combinations without too much trouble. Even the most indecisive players will be able to find their account if they are patient enough to understand how the system works. Some will love it, while others will simply be turned off and won’t stick with it for long.

The editors advise you

Gaming Palois Association wants to unite Bearn players

In 2023, the Gaming Palois association celebrates its 10th anniversary. The possibility for the structure to continue to conduct various operations around video games. Several of its members, in particular, will be attending the Gamers’ Assembly in Poitiers in a few weeks’ time.

That would be a shame, as Wo Long has a lot to offer in the twenty-five hours of play it offers in a straight line. Graphically, the game holds up and offers a decent soundtrack, albeit a rather classic one. True, his artistic direction is not the most extraordinary, but this is more than enough. The adventure of “Wo Long” in the end is done almost alone, although there are not so many significant scenes.

Clearly aimed at players willing to swallow the combat system, “Wo Long Fallen Dynasty” is a great title. Let’s be clear, he can really please everyone, but he can also be abandoned after the first boss. One thing’s for sure: if you liked Sekiro, you’ll love Wo Long. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, PS4, PS5, Xbox, PC. €59.99

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