Pyrenees-Orientales: Older people throw a sling against the booster of the messenger RNA vaccine and demand to be able to choose

Invited to remember the anti-Covid vaccination before December 15, older people in the Eastern Pyrenees reject the injection of a messenger RNA product, BioNTech’s Pfizer as Moderna. Distrustful of new technology, they want to stick with the classic vaccine that uses a weakened virus to elicit an immune response, and they won’t budge. Even if it means losing your health happen.

The phenomenon of the “social allergy” to messenger RNA vaccines, which appeared in the midst of a health crisis, has taken off again. It is emerging today as a result of the obligation of people over 65 who want to keep their health pass to apply an anti-Covid vaccination booster with the only option of Pfizer or Moderna. Two products resulting from this mRNA technique that consists “in stimulating the body to produce an inactive virus and then antibodies through a message transmitted in the form of DNA”, synthesizes Dr. Jean-Paul Ortiz, president of the Confederation of Medical Unions French (CSMF) and private nephrology patron in Perpignan.

I do not want this type of serum that touches the DNA, the heart of the human being, I think it is not moral

However, Gérard Tavernier, a 68-year-old Canetois, is one of those who fundamentally does not trust messenger RNA. “I do not want this type of serum that touches the DNA, the heart of the human being, I think it is not moral. I categorically refuse to make the withdrawal under these conditions,” the sixty-year-old who received his first dose on June 19 camped. An injection of Janssen from the American laboratory Johnson & Johnson. “I am not an antivax at all, I have also just been vaccinated against the flu, I am not afraid of bites, I simply ask to have the option of the vaccine to continue protecting myself with a classic product, Janssen or AstraZeneca,” he says. Even if that means losing your health, move on from December 15th.

“Too bad, they will consider me an outlaw and I will deprive myself of outings, cinemas, restaurants,” resolves the senior whose wife has already received her three doses of Pfizer. “She is her and I am me. Nobody will convince me to comply with the obligation,” he warns, even doubting the arguments of his treating doctor. “He doesn’t know more than the others about messenger RNA. Whereas conventional vaccines as they gave us as children or in military service without asking our opinion, we do know ”, pleads Gérard Tavernier. Annoyed by this situation that he also considers “discriminatory. The government imposes the mRNA vaccine that is also the most expensive only for the elderly, I am not sure that the Constitutional Council will validate it,” he says bitterly.

I want a second dose of Janssen or nothing

Bernard Mouret, a 70-year-old Perpignan, fights identically. “It is scandalous to have only one product against Covid available. The State is in the process of vaccinating all of France with Pfizer and if in five years they tell us that this serum is bad, millions of people will be affected. I do not want it. I want a second dose of Janssen or nothing ”, rants the first vaccinated septuagenarian. And if it is the Johnson & Johnson that should be harmful, “I will fully assume it because it will have been my personal choice, not that of the people who govern us and who lied to us since the beginning of the pandemic with the ‘Affair of the masks’ , the opponents agree. Bernard more pessimistic than Gérard. “In any case, we cannot get rid of lice on the head of our children, so to believe that we can eradicate the virus is utopian”, sums up the resident of Perpignan who also prefers pass your health before undergoing a single type of vaccine.

Opinion of Dr. Ortiz: “This rejection of messenger RNA vaccines is scientifically illogical”

When asked about this rejection of messenger RNA vaccines by certain primary vaccines, Dr. Jean-Paul Ortiz finds no basis. “This reaction is scientifically illogical, it is not based on any proven basis. The RNA technique has been used in oncology for more than ten years, its use for vaccines is certainly recent but this therapeutic technology will be widely developed”, predicts the doctor. .

Especially because he sees in these serums Pfizer and Moderna an efficacy ten times higher than conventional vaccines, Janssen and AstraZeneca, whose traditional technique consists of injecting the virus into the body, either in an attenuated or inactivated form, to provoke an immune system. answer.

“All scientific studies recommend a booster dose of mRNA vaccine that increases immunity ten times more with Pfizer and sixteen times more with Moderna than a second dose of Janssen. The recommendations of the National Medicines Agency (ANSM) and the The High Health Authority (HAS) are clear and formal: the withdrawal must be done with an mRNA vaccine. Without new side effects “, argues Dr. Jean-Paul Ortiz who hears the reluctance but does not understand it, no.” When you get vaccinated it is to have the best possible anti-viral coverage. In this case, in the delta variant the Janssen reaches a peak of immunization of 60% and again, knowing that with time, just four weeks, it begins to regress “.

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