QD-OLED TV prices could drop as Samsung ramps up production

If you haven’t invested in a new QD-OLED TV like the Sony A95K or Samsung S95B yet because you’ve been waiting for price cuts, we have good news for you: Samsung Display is the only company that currently manufactures QD-OLED panels. is expected to increase QD-OLED production capacity by 50% by 2024.

As production ramps up, manufacturers like Samsung Electronics and Sony will have access to more panels, which in theory should help keep costs down as they save money by buying panels in bulk.

At the moment, Samsung Display only produces panels in five sizes: 32 inches, 49 inches, 55 inches, 65 inches and 77 inches. The last three sizes are panels that are used in QD-OLED TVs, while the first two sizes are panels that are used in QD-OLED monitors.

As for when we can expect the next batch of TVs to be available to the general public, we’re hoping to see the 2023 Samsung S95C QD-OLED in late March or early April, though Samsung has yet to confirm this.

QD-OLED just follows the usual technology trajectory

The information in this report comes to us from the Korean newspaper HelloT. (will open in a new tab) which links to UBI Research, a group of professional analysts from Korea, China and Japan.

The report helps explain how technology gets cheaper over time, but you could argue that QD-OLED TVs are simply following the same trajectory we saw for OLED TVs, LED-LCD TVs, and even plasma TVs a few years ago. All of these technologies are very expensive initially, usually because that is when research costs are highest and yields are lowest. The following year, research costs go down, production goes up, and then the cost to you goes down.

However, what’s worth noting in this report is that we have a pretty clear timetable for when production will increase and by how much. Usually these numbers don’t escape the company’s board of directors, so having them available to the general public is a good commodity.

Knowing when technology becomes cheaper allows you to make better buying decisions and also helps us know when to recommend a new product or defer recommending something to the next generation.

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