QNAP QTS 5.0.1 NAS Operating System Released Today

QNAP NAS users will be happy to know that the company has released a new version of its latest NAS operating system in the form of QTS 5.0.1. The latest version includes many tweaks and improvements, including security enhancements that provide improved usability and performance for data protection and everyday use, QNAP explains. New features include support for Enterprise SED or SelfEncrypting Drives, as well as Windows Search Protocol support for NAS shares.

QNAP QTS 5.0.1 NAS OS features

– Replace RAID drives before potential failure: If drive errors are indicated by SMART values, DA Drive Analyzer predictions, or system slowdown, affected drives in the RAID group can be replaced with spare drives at any time. This greatly improves system reliability and eliminates the need to rebuild the RAID.
– Free exFAT support for ARMbased NAS: The exFAT file system supports files up to 16 EB and is optimized for flash drives (such as SD cards and USB devices) to help speed up the transfer and sharing of large media files.
– Enhanced transfer rate for SMB signing and encryption: QTS 5.0.1 supports AESNI hardware acceleration for better data signing and encryption/decryption performance compared to SMB 3.0 (Server Message Block), delivering up to 5x faster transfer rates than without AESNI. hardware acceleration. This helps improve system performance and protect sensitive business data.
– Windows Search Protocol (WSP) support for mounted shared folders: QTS 5.0.1 now supports Microsoft WSP based on the SMB protocol. With WSP, users can search NAS shares through Windows when an SMB drive is connected to the NAS.
– Supports Enterprise SED (SelfEncrypting Drives): In addition to TCGOPAL, QTS 5.0.1 supports TCGEnterprise SEDcompliant HDDs and SSDs. Users can use builtin disk encryption for an extra layer of data protection without requiring additional software or NAS system resources. This is especially useful for organizations that hold highly sensitive information, such as the public sector, healthcare, and finance.

“In the information age, efficient data transfer and file sharing must take into account issues of security and reliability. This is QNAP’s goal in developing the QTS Smart NAS operating system,” said Sam Lin, QNAP Product Manager, adding, “QNAP has implemented stricter security standards and granular management features to help businesses and individuals manage their data with confidence, as well as protect their digital assets. and mitigating growing security threats.”

Source: QNAP

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