QNAP QuTS hero h5.0.1 NAS operating system released

This week, QNAP released a new version of its ZFSbased NAS operating system in the form of the QuTS h5.0.1 hero. The latest release now supports up to 5 petabytes per file share, LUN encryption, and secure replacement of RAID drives, according to QNAP.

“Digital transformation and artificial intelligence are based on the analysis of massive data that requires petabytes of storage capacity. As storage speed and capacity grows, preventing silent data corruption and ensuring data integrity becomes important for business IT,” said Sam Lin, QNAP Product Manager. choice for businesses to implement a reliable storage solution for a wide range of applications.”

Features of NAS QuTS hero h5.0.1

– Capacity up to 5 petabytes per shared folder
Petabytescale capacity gives businesses the confidence to run storageintensive applications including big data analytics, edge computing, and artificial intelligence.
– Secure file access with LUN encryption
In addition to full NAS encryption and shared folder encryption, users can now encrypt specific LUNs to improve access security.
– Replacing RAID drives with spares before potential failure
If NAS drives fail, as indicated by system slowdowns, SMART values, or DA Drive Analyzer forecasts, the affected drives in the RAID group can be replaced at any time with spare drives. This greatly improves system reliability and eliminates the need to rebuild the RAID.
– Windows Search Protocol (WSP) support for mounted shared folders.
WSP uses the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. With WSP, users can search NAS shares through Windows when an SMB drive is connected to the NAS.

The latest version of QNAP NAS OS is now available for download from the official QNAP website.

Source: QNAP

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