Qualcomm: the competitor of the Apple Silicon M1 SoC shows itself under Geekbench –

Apple threw a (big) stone in the pond with its new M1 processor under ARM architecture. The performance is at the rendezvous and it far exceeds that of the SQ1 and SQ2 chips designed by Qualcomm. These results undoubtedly stung Qualcomm, which is preparing a new generation whose presence has been spotted on Geekbench.

A great progression

The chip in question, dubbed 8cx Gen 3, is tested on a machine running Windows 10 Pro. It has eight cores and a base frequency of 2.69 GHz. As a result, it obtained a score of 982 in single-core which represents an increase of 23% compared to the SQ2 generation and of 4,918 in multi-core, ie a gain of approximately 61%. This is therefore a solid progression, and we can also expect even higher results with the final version.

Apple still ahead?

It should nevertheless be noted that the Apple M1 chip still achieves higher scores under Geekbench with around 1,749 in single-core and 7,513 in multi-core. The Apple therefore always keeps a good head start, especially since a new generation M1x or M2 would also be in preparation with a launch on the MacBook Pro.

Source: WindowsLatest

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