Quantic Dream opens studio in Canada to help you with your new triple A game

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Quantic Dream has built a very good reputation as a developer of interactive stories after several exclusive releases for PlayStation. However, last year he announced that the studio has chosen to go independent and is aiming for further growth. This resulted in an attempt to publish external developments and today it has just announced that it will also expand to Canada.

Taking advantage of the fact that Montreal is one of the cities with a strong presence of promoters, Quantic Dream announced that its new studio will be located there, precisely in the Atwater Avenue district in Quebec.

The developer is already recruiting new talent for this studio and positions are open to American and European creatives. Although the company continues to work remotely, it is expected that, once the medical contingent permits, staff will begin arriving at the study.

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Quantic Dream Headquarters in CanadaQuantic Dream Headquarters in Canada

Quantic Dream’s New Studio Showcases Talented Creatives

Stéphane D’Astous, specialist in the creation of studies and administration and development, will be managing director of the Canadian office, while David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière will continue to manage the studio in Paris.

D’Astous is an industrial engineer, but he already has a lot of experience in the video game industry. The first company in the industry where he worked was Ubisoft Quebec, in 2003, and 4 years later he became the first employee of Eidos Montreal to later form the studio from the start. Since 2014, he worked in smaller studios focused on augmented and virtual reality, as well as mobile, until in 2020 he got a call from the founders of Quantic Dream to be in charge of the studio.

The new frontman hasn’t talked much about the projects the studio is working on, but assured fans that “the best is yet to come”. Further, he hinted that although the studies are separate, they will work on the same projects simultaneously. The focus of the Montreal division will be gameplay and it has been specifically revealed that Yohan Cazaux will be the gameplay director of the new studio, which will also help publisher launches to be present in America as well. In contrast, the one in Paris was remodeled and a 7.1 surround sound studio and photogrammetry division added, according to David Cage (via IGN).

Stéphane D'Astous (Image: Quantic Dream)Stéphane D’Astous (Image: Quantic Dream)

Canadian studio to help develop new triple A production

Quantic Dreams has made it clear that they haven’t opened a new studio to speed up production, but that they are both working on “the same unannounced triple-A title.” This project is expected to reach multiple platforms, because we remember that the studio left the exclusivity with PlayStation.

Finally, Cage commented that while he enjoys telling interactive stories and creating emotions in a game, he plans to try new ideas and directions because he believes there are “different ways of telling emotional and moving stories. that they haven’t tried yet ”.

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How do you receive the opening of this studio by Quantic Dream? Are you a fan of this study? What type of game would you like the developer to produce? Tell us in the comments.

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Quantic Dream opens studio in Canada to help you with your new triple A game

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