Quantum: China has announced that it has cracked the main encryption algorithm –

Chinese researchers announce they have cracked RSA: the main encryption algorithm used by banks, storage systems, couriers, or even cryptocurrency blockchains. This is potentially a cybersecurity disaster, but some experts question this claim…

Quantum computing promises a lot, but it also poses a serious threat to cybersecurity. Since the advent of this technology, many experts have feared that quantum computers could outsmart the encryption algorithms in use today.

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Quantum computers are able to perform operations on data much faster than classical computers. They are much more powerful than PCs and will therefore allow the creation of new, more secure encryption systems. The other side of the coin: they can be used to bypass existing encryption systems.

From now on, all currently encrypted messages, passwords and other files can be decrypted. So quantum computing could mean the end of data privacy…

Encryption is also at the heart of blockchains such as the Bitcoin network and most cryptocurrencies. In the event that the algorithms used by these decentralized systems are hacked, hackers will be able to rob cryptocurrency wallets.

And, unfortunately, it was not necessary to wait for the democratization of this new form of computing for disaster to occur. While scientists thought that this problem would only arise in a few years, Chinese researchers have just announced that they have managed to crack the main encryption algorithm thanks to quantization.

In a study published in December 2022, a group of Chinese researchers claim to have used quantum computers to crack the standard RSA algorithm used in many industries, including banking, mobile telephony or data storage…

These researchers used their own algorithm to factorize a 48-bit number on a 10-qubit quantum computer. They have not yet attempted to extend the experiment to a larger system.

Technical prowess or geopolitical “flexibility”?

This statement is very disturbing for global cybersecurity, but many experts believe that such a feat is simply not possible at the moment. According to the CEO of Global Quantum Intelligence, this is “the biggest hoax in 25 years.”

According to this expert, “this study does not announce anything really new.” He believes that this article is intended to create hype around quantum computing, and that it is not a variation of existing approaches and methods. It also lacks a “proof of concept” that would demonstrate a violation of existing encryption standards.

Quantum computing will likely take about a decade to make significant progress, he said. Either way, this confirms that storage providers need to start worrying now…

Similarly, while bitcoin has never been successfully hacked, many fear that a brute-force attack using quantum computers could one day make it possible. Such an attack consists of using many combinations before randomly guessing the decryption keys, but it can take several decades to be successful on modern computers. A quantum computer could theoretically achieve this in a matter of hours.

According to the chief operating officer of blockchain security company Halborn, this will spell disaster for the cryptocurrency market. However, he is convinced that hackers will first decipher the mountains of data stolen over the years, still encrypted and unusable.

He also does not believe that the Chinese researchers actually accomplished this feat, as he is convinced that they would not say anything about it if they really managed to break the cipher. According to him, they will directly exploit this shortcoming without saying a word about it…

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