Quantum Computing, AI, Hyper-automation … 5 Technology Priorities for Businesses 2022. Kalyan Kumar, HCL

In the face of the many challenges that companies have faced over the past two years, technology has played a key role in helping them continue to adapt. The obstacles created a race for innovation never equaled in the past: Employees around the world embraced telecommuting with a work environment that adapted very quickly. Associated products and services have been transformed to meet growing and changing demands. Now that the march is underway, many companies are reluctant to slow down. In fact, digital innovation shows no signs of slowing down, and here are five tech trends that will mark the year 2022:


At the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow (COP26), the leaders of the 196 countries present reached a consensus on the actions to be taken to face climate change. In 2021, limiting our carbon footprint and preserving the planet is at the center of all the attention and companies are not lacking.

Sustainability is now a factor in long-term business strategy and organizational roadmaps for the future. For example, companies will be more inclined to favor the cloud over other energy-intensive technologies. Certain evaluation criteria in relation to sustainability and carbon footprint reports are set to be permanent, in order to hold companies accountable for their ecological responsibility.

We’ve already seen that the United States Environmental Protection Agency classifies organizations based on their green energy use, for example, and this year those kinds of classifications will become as common as energy classifications for homes and apartments. This will cause a change in behavior, which will influence not only new business contracts, but also partnerships in technology ecosystems.


In 2022, the use of AI by companies will experience a real boom. More responsible, even more ethical, it will respond to the need for companies to be more transparent, especially in terms of data use.

Now that many organizations have taken the first step in introducing AI, they will focus on understanding what data sources are needed for each specific use case, taking a more focused approach than ever. Since regulations are likely to tighten, companies need to be sure they can justify when and how they use customer data. In response, we have already seen organizations start forming their own internal ethics committees, and this is expected to become increasingly common practice in 2022.

AI tends to be more relevant this year, opening up to a larger and larger group of users within organizations. Even today, AI often remains the exclusive domain of a few tech experts. In 2022, the increasing availability of low-code self-service tools that work out of the box, coupled with the popularization of AI, will bring more transparency and simplicity needed for larger-scale businesses.


With the digital transformation of businesses in recent years, automation finally seems to be showing its real benefits.

After starting to automate repetitive tasks using RPA, more and more companies have switched to hyper-automation; in short, everything that can be automated will be. This trend will continue, but companies will need to ensure they take a strategic approach to automation to avoid creating more problems than they solve and generating the ROI that was originally intended.

Dedicated platforms play an important role in helping companies ensure they get the most value from automation, targeting specific use cases with a plug and play approach that is already proven. As such, we can expect hyper-automation to spread to all industries in 2022; companies that reap the tangible benefits of a platform-based approach as they continue to digitally transform.


As modern digital services demand increasingly complex processing capabilities, existing computing power is struggling to keep up. This is where quantum computing can help, processing exponentially more data than conventional computers to give businesses the computing power they need. However, to date, many companies have not even been able to start exploring quantum computing due to development time and costs.

However, announcements such as the Cambridge Quantum launch of the first quantum natural language processing library and toolkit indicate that things will be more accessible in 2022.

In fact, we now see Microsoft, IBM and other industry leaders making the power of quantum technology available “as a service” for specific use cases, another example of innovation for businesses via the cloud. Now, for the first time, different business units, from R&D teams to application developers, will be able to unleash the power of quantum technology without having to worry about the ins and outs of how it actually works.


We’ve seen so many innovative responses to the pandemic that consumer and business expectations for final UX have skyrocketed, meaning businesses will need to take a more strategic approach to the experience in 2022.

As a result, we can expect a growing number of organizations to begin the planning process by considering the user experience first, be it for medical devices, computing products, or mobile applications. This move is part of a growing interest in total experience, with companies combining customer experience, user experience, and employee experience to increase trust, satisfaction, loyalty and buy-in from key stakeholders. .

Businesses will use a wide range of new technologies to drive the total experience, from digital experience platforms to AR, VR and RX (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and XX Reality), which have now reached a high level of maturity and can begin to have a real impact.


Businesses will continue to face many challenges in 2022, so the strategic use of technology has arguably never been more important. Rather than slow down the digital innovation that has accelerated the pandemic, they must keep moving forward not only to get ahead, but also to stay ahead.

by Kalyan Kumar, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Ecosystem Officer, HCL Technologies

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