Quarantine? Not quarantine? Now Google tells you everything

Google has just made updates to its search engine, anticipating the increase in the frequency of travel, while some countries are starting to gradually lift the traffic restriction measures put in place to stem the epidemic of Covid-19.

Google is introducing a feature that warns users, when they search for travel information, such as flights, hotels or things to do, that they also have access to notices or the list of travel restrictions. linked to the current health crisis.

This information can indicate whether travelers should be quarantined upon arrival or provide proof of vaccination or test results, as well as when restrictions are added, lifted or reduced, Google says. Updates are country specific. Google offers other travel-related updates, including allowing Maps to suggest stops for road trips and allowing users to use Explore to browse destinations, based on interest filters such as the outdoors, beaches or skiing.

Google wants to make its Assistant smarter

The American giant did not stop there when it comes to announcements. It’s well known: Google Assistant isn’t the most accurate tool when it comes to pronouncing names correctly. Google, however, has just rolled out a number of updates so that the AI-powered tool no longer mispronounces people’s names, especially less common ones, and can better understand the context of conversations. If the feature is currently only available in English, the American giant specifies that it will soon be adapted for other languages, including, perhaps, French.

To do this, Google reconstructed its assistant’s natural language learning models and improved its benchmark resolution using its BERT machine learning model, so it could process words against each other. others in a sentence, rather than one by one in order.

The company says in a blog post that these changes allow the assistant to understand the context and respond “with almost 100% accuracy.” As in any conversation, context is important and the assistant should be flexible enough to understand what you are referring to when asking for help ”.

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