Quatreau cannabidiol drinks | Cointreau pursues Canopy Growth

(Smiths Falls) The company behind the orange liqueur Cointreau is suing Canopy Growth for trademark infringement over the cannabis producer’s brand of cannabidiol Quatreau.

In a lawsuit and jury request filed Friday in a New York court, Cointreau said it believed Smiths Falls, Ont., Canopy was using Quatreau’s name because of its resemblance to his company. , founded in 1849.

Cointreau said in court documents that it was considering introducing waters and sodas to the U.S. market, but was concerned its brands might be confused with Canopy’s brands because they both end with “Treau” and their pronunciation has only one differentiating letter, the “n”.

Cointreau is seeking a permanent injunction to prevent Canopy from infringing its trademarks and wants to collect any profits Canopy could have made on products displaying the allegedly infringing trademarks.

Canopy declined to comment on the lawsuit and Cointreau did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Canopy’s Quatreau drinks have been sold in the United States since March. They contain 20 milligrams of cannabidiol and come in flavors of ginger and lime, cucumber and mint, blueberry and acai, and passion fruit and guava.

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