Quebec: Use of French on the Internet has dropped significantly in just two years

It is in the Montreal region (52%) that Internet users use English relatively most to surf the Internet. (Photo: 123RF)

Quebec. The new data illustrates another aspect of the decline of the French language in Quebec.

An organization affiliated with the University of Laval noted that in just two years, the use of French for Internet surfing among Quebec Internet users has declined.

A NETendances survey released Thursday by the Academy for Digital Transformation (ATN) shows that 64% of Quebecer adults use French most often to work online, down 12 percentage points from the last survey conducted in 2020. set this share at 76%.

The Digital Transformation Academy did not provide any explanation for this phenomenon.

The Digital Portrait of Regions survey identifies places where the decline was the most significant. In the Montreal metropolitan area, the proportion of adults using French online increased from 61% to 43% in two years. This share fell from 89% to 72% in the Capitale-Nationale region, from 79% to 62% in Monteregie and from 87% to 71% in Laurentia.

It is in the Montreal region (52%) that Internet users use English relatively most to surf the Internet.

Claire Bourget, director of business intelligence and market research at ATN, says the decline in the use of French for online work is consistent with the decline in the use of French as the first official language spoken at home. monitored by Statistics Canada.

Moreover, among the few other data in its study, ATN noted that in Quebec, 7% of adults are not connected to the Internet at home. Of these, 75% are aged 55 or over, 53% have an annual family income of less than $40,000, 53% live alone, 64% are part of the inactive population, and 89% live outside the Montreal administrative area.

In Quebec as a whole, 83% of adults own a smartphone, up from 66% in 2017. In terms of an e-tablet, 56% of adults have one, up from 53% in 2017, while the share of laptop or desktop owners has declined. in five years from 82% to 81%.

Finally, the survey reports that 38% of adult Quebecers do not know the download speed of their Internet connection at home. About 42% of adults have a connection at home with download speeds that match high-speed internet.


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