Quebecers killed in Mexico | Theft or settling of scores as the main hypotheses

The two Quebecers killed on Monday in Playa del Carmen may have been victims of theft or settling accounts linked to the alleged fraud.

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Daniel Renault

Daniel Renault

Hugo Joncas

Hugo Joncas

This is reported by the Mexican media, citing sources in the local police.

Rafael Juppe, 44, and Fanny Lorrain, 38, were found murdered on Monday in an apartment on 12th Street in the center of the popular Mexican resort. Both victims were stabbed in the neck, authorities said.

At the residence, the police were supposed to find sophisticated technological devices that allow financial transactions with cryptocurrency, according to media reports from Mexico.

Evidence has also been found that Juppé used at least three different names, one of which was Eric McCarthy.

Mexican investigators want to check if Juppé may have committed the scam in Mexico.

“False identities found with the same identity as him. [L’homme et la femme] He had some pretty sophisticated equipment and experts will look into it to determine if it was revenge or just a robbery,” said Attorney General of the Quintana Roo region Oscar Montes de Oca, quoted by local media.

On the run in Mexico

Rafael Juppe has been in Mexico since January 2016, authorities say. He was the subject of an Interpol search warrant for six years and likely settled in Mexico to escape the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

The federal police arrested him in 2014 in a fraud case, but the case is pending, according to court records.

In fact, Raphael Huppé has multiplied financial crimes in the country. Even in his absence, judgments against him have piled up in recent years following lawsuits by the Autorité des Marchés financiers and the Commission for Standards, Fairness, Health and Safety at Work.

The latter, in 2019, sentenced its former companies to pay $628,237 to about forty former employees following a collective layoff at InterCore Research Canada Inc., headed by Raphael Huppé.

The company, which eventually laid off all of its employees and filed for bankruptcy, said it had developed a device to detect driver fatigue, La Presse reported at the time.

Figureheads in Trouble

InterCore used three other companies to pay its employees. Two of them were named after Raphael Huppé: Huppé Etco and Huppé Studio. The High Court held that he was the guiding soul, but on paper the shareholders were a couple from Laval: Daniel Beauchamp and Claude Brun.

Met by La Presse on Wednesday, the two former partners made sure Rafael Huppé had gotten them into trouble before taking off running in Mexico.

Didn’t they agree to play figureheads for him at the time? “Today we understand this,” admits Daniel Beauchamp. We helped him start his business. Now the authorities are after us. »

She says they had nothing to say about the companies they founded for Raphael Huppé, but they had to pay thousands of dollars to carry out the sentences handed down against them.

Claude Brun even says that the RCMP came to interrogate him. “They thought we helped him escape,” he said. The police would have dropped the lead, but the couple expects to receive other complaints.

The same year that InterCore went bankrupt, Juppé published a book in which he outlined what he thought were the best ways to get to the top: How I Get Things Done! : No matter what.

On September 3, 2020, Raphael Huppé commented on social media on François Legault’s appeal to anti-masquers and conspirators. “Eventually, he will be shot in this kliss,” he wrote.

grieving friends

As for Fannie Lorrain, according to her Facebook page, she worked for the Société Mer et Monde in Montreal, which describes itself as an organization that spearheads international cooperation. The company did not respond to La Presse’s message.

Mexican police say the victims were a couple, but friends of the young woman on social media, where many mourned her death, deny this.

“Today I mourn my friend, I mourn my former colleague, I mourn my confidante who came late at night, I mourn the beautiful person who made the stars shine around her. I cry so as not to shout out my rage, ”wrote one of them.

“Your death is unreal, terrible, tragic and unfair. Yesterday children played with ants again. Part of me grew up with you. Wherever you go, you left your rays. I cannot believe this horror. But you touched so many people. Each of them, I’m sure, remembers a wonderful person. With life ahead. I wish you peace. I kiss you,” added another.

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