Quiet play! Return to Monkey Island, Splatoon 3, Tinykin and NBA 2K23

This week there are pirate puzzles, paint smudges, a soap skateboard and poster dunks.

Quiet play! This is the weekly video game show Liberation. FROM Erwan Karyo and his reviewers Patrick Hellio, Corentin Benoist-Gonin as well as Marius Chapuis.

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This week, finally, the big return of Monkey Island and its famous pirate Guybrush Threepwood. In Return to Monkey Island, created by among others the historical authors of the iconic point-and-click adventure game franchise Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman, we find the endless charm of the first episodes, enjoying the impeccably modernized design. In addition, we embark on epic battles for the paintings in Splatoon 3, which has established itself as a reference game for the Switch, we wander through the very playful universe of Tinykin and once again allow ourselves to be immersed in the latest news from the NBA 2K license, while being fully aware of its shortcomings.

In his board game column, Jeremy Kletskin tells us about Cryptid: Urban Legends.


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