Quiet play! This is not E3, Neon White, Fresh Frozen, Poinpie.

Ads are all over the place this week, from pay-per-view parkour, donuts to net and fat cat juices.

Quiet play! This is the weekly video game show Liberation. FROM Erwan Karyo and his reviewers Patrick Hellio, Corentin Benoist-Gonin as well as Marius Chapuis.

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This week we start by summing up all the announcements that have happened in recent days. E3, the big annual show that took place every year around this time in Los Angeles, has been cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped the entire industry from coming together for an avalanche of presentation videos. But we’re also keeping our eyes peeled for releases (hence the longer episode) with the super cute puzzle game Freshly Frosted, the jumpy and ultra-stylish parkour game Neon White approaching genre perfection, and the mobile game Poinpy hitting the Netflix app.

Jeremy Kletskin tells us about Loco Momo in her board games column.


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