Quiet play! We answer your questions publicly

The podcast community recorded a bonus episode this week.

Quiet play! This is the weekly video game show Liberation. FROM Erwan Karyo and his reviewers Patrick Hellio, Marius Chapuis as well as Corentin Benoist-Gonin.

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This week, it’s a bonus episode following the official end of season 15, in the company of this community, which has supported the podcast more than ever in recent months. Therefore, we recorded a long public broadcast on our Discord server, during which our listeners could ask their questions. How was the podcast idea born? How do you choose games to review? What is your best memory of Silence on jeux? Who would you like to invite for a big interview? Don’t you get video game fatigue sometimes? Can we ever hope for the Silence we play with moving images? How to speak well of the Atari ST? We have tried to answer the maximum number of questions and engage in dialogue with those present.


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