“Quiet, we’re playing!” returns: Immortality, Cult of the Lamb, At Dusk.

Liebe’s weekly video game podcast returns this week with Sam Barlow’s new masterpiece, Lamb Sect and Route 66 Drama.

Quiet play! This is the weekly video game show Liberation. FROM Erwan Kario and his reviewers Patrick Hellio, Corentin Benoist-Gonin as well as Marius Chapuis.

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This week we’re playing the first episode of Season 16 of Hush! which promises to be epic, we’re catching up with summer games. We’ll start with the very compelling Cult of the Lamb, which excels miraculously in blending genres between management and dungeon crawling. We continue the Immortality monument, released at the end of August. Sam Barlow’s latest production explores cinema in a narrative and visual labyrinth mastered from start to finish. We end As Dusk Falls and its story at the height of human beings and the return of Saints Row, which no one asked for, but which can blow off steam as long as you leave your brain at the entrance.

Jeremy Kletskin tells us about Next Station London in his board game column.


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