Rainbow Six Siege: a post-apocalyptic event starting May 4

After a bit of teasing over the weekend, Ubisoft today revealed the details of the new event expected this Tuesday on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. With a short introductory video, the studio today showed on Twitter what awaits players for this temporary game mode.

In this event called “APOCALYPSE”, Rainbow agents are thrown into a dystopian future in which survival depends on owning a plant. It will therefore be for the attacking team to obtain it, and for the defending players to protect it. The battleground will be the “Outback” map and for the occasion, the motel lost in the middle of the Australian desert will be redecorated in post-apocalyptic fashion, which is reminiscent of the world of Mad Max.

As usual with Ubisoft’s FPS, the event will also be accompanied by a new salvo of cosmetics for the characters and their weapons, accessible either by winning games on the dedicated game mode, or with hard and hard currency by purchasing R6 Credits, the in-game currency.

The “APOCALYPSE” event will be available from Tuesday May 4 at 4:00 pm (French time) and for two weeks. As a reminder, Rainbow Six Siege is available in Xbox Game Pass.

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