Rainbow Six Siege: Apocalypse

From May 4-18, you can take part in a post-apocalyptic event in Rainbow Six Siege. It all takes place in a dystopian future where nuclear energy and polluting gases have wiped out almost all of life on earth. The only glimmer of hope that one day our planet will be reborn is in a capsule containing the last plant in the world. Two clans are born among the survivors of this apocalypse and whoever gets their hands on this capsule will be the guarantor of the salvation of humanity.

The Guardian clan, led by the Seer, is responsible for protecting the capsule with their lives. Their only objective is to see to the rebirth of humanity. It consists of Maestro, Melusi, Rook, Smoke and Valkyrie.

The Troop, the attacking clan led by the General, seeks only to take possession of everything that will allow them to survive. It consists of Fuze, Gridlock, Maverick, Nomad, and Twitch.

This game mode takes place on a post-apocalyptic version of the map Outback. As the defender, you will be responsible for protecting the capsule until the end of the round. You will be able to move it through the different parts of the map. As the attacker, you will need to defuse the capsule the plant is in. You can activate room scanners to find out if a defender is there.

As in previous events, you will have the chance to collect 35 unique cosmetic items. You can get them in the packs event alpha at a cost of 300 R6 credits or 12,500 renamed. Each player will receive a pack free if they log in between May 4 and 18. They will contain skins weapon, pendants, uniforms and head gear. You will also have the option to purchase complete sets for one agent at a cost of 1680 R6 credits.

For more information about the Apocalypse event, click here. All images used in this article are taken from the event trailer available on the Rainbow Six Siege Youtube channel.

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