Rainbow Six Siege launches May 14 on all platforms

its rainbow six sig pad reports came out on May 14th (May 15th for those in Asia) and it affects all platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox). The community has reported reports on various platforms and we are here to help you learn about the state of the server and what it is.

Rainbow Six Siege Down status and updates for May 14th (May 15th for Asians):

Update: Ubisoft has finally admitted the failure! Here is the announcement on the Ubisoft forums:

Welcome. We are aware of an issue currently affecting connectivity and are working on a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Don’t forget to check this theme for future updates. Thank you.

The official Rainbow Six Siege server status page now also shows “unscheduled outages” on all platforms!

We will update this article as new news becomes available.

Here are some reports from the community:

Servers down? from rainbow 6

(ps4) How to get around this? Tried restarting my PS4 or testing normal internet connection with Rainbow 6.

Ubisoft servers like from Rainbow 6

Unfortunately, the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account and the responsible Ubisoft support account have yet to confirm the server crash. The only official confirmation we have comes from the Xbox Support account who made the following announcement:

The official Rainbow Six Siege server status page also displays a No Problem indicator for now, but we’ll see if that changes. As before, if you can log in, please let us know which platform you are on and where you play.

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