Raja: Reduan Errami, a lawyer who wants to replace Rashid Andalusi

Kiosk 360. The Raja of Casablanca will enter a delicate period with his General Assembly approaching, until presidential candidates are jostling at the gates.

Reduan Errami, one of the Raja members, expressed his desire to run for president of the club to his relatives following the announcement of the current president, Rashid Andalusi. The latter did indeed declare his desire to release the reins of the Casablanca club, as explained. Al-Akhbar dated July 29. The official announcement is to be made at the next General Assembly, scheduled for August 27 in Casablanca.

The Casablanca-based lawyer will thus be the first candidate for the post, which has so far little attracted Rajaoui members. Reduan Errami also hopes others will follow him and make plans for the club. Moreover, the latter plans to present its roadmap to other members in early August to persuade them to vote for him. Al-Akhbar nevertheless clarifies that there is nothing official at the moment, and the Rajah committee has not received any candidacy at the moment.

In addition, the GA will deal with the last two seasons, and therefore it will be about discussing the period when Javad Ziyat was president. It is also expected that an audit report will be presented today with all the details for the past two years. The Rajah Parliament will also decide on the number of members and approve the list of members, as added. Al-Akhbar

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