Raped by more than fifty men: “My client thought of pleasing them”, defends the lawyer of one of the suspects

Christian Dumont defends one of the men suspected of having participated in the rape by more than fifty men of a young woman in Vaucluse.

“That a husband can impose that on his wife is unimaginable”, Christian Dumont emphasizes me. Montpellier’s lawyer defends one of the suspects jailed for raping Marie. “My client explains that he responded to an ad on a libertine site, and thought about pleasing this couple: he told himself that these people should fantasize watching a video with their participation.” But since his incarceration, this man who visited the couple twice has held his position: “He did not think that this woman was drugged. He says that he realized that the situation was not normal, in front of the staging, the lack of reaction of the victim. But he did not enter his intellectual process to tell it.” himself that if this woman was inert, it was because she was not consenting. “

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