Rapper Booba goes to war against influencers on the front page of Liberation

In a daily interview, the rapper claims to be a “whistleblower” targeting certain influencers and calls on government agencies to “respond”.

War has been officially declared between Buba and Magali Berda. And if it’s not yesterday, then the July 29 front page of Liberation added fuel to the fire between the two public figures. Don’t you understand all this? We will try to explain to you.

Influencers at the heart of the scam?

It all started in late 2021 when an influencer claimed that Booba was wearing a fake luxury watch during a photo shoot. The rapper appreciates moderately and decides to do everything to get revenge on Mark Bluta, in particular by investigating his business: cryptocurrency. He then discovers that the influencer is positioning himself as a good consultant in the field and encourages his followers to invest their money. Unfortunately, the latter systematically lose their share.

The Duke of Boulogne then continues his small influencer survey by focusing on dropshipping, a method that involves buying items at a low price, especially from sites like Wish, in order to resell them for a much higher price despite their low quality. Booba went so far as to open the mailbox to collect feedback and create a case. It is here that Magali Berdakh becomes Buba’s favorite target. Someone who manages the careers of many reality TV stars is then regularly criticized and even harassed. She will also be able to close the account…

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