Rare Rising Gas and Electric Prices: Policies Are Attacking Your Energy Bill

The debate on the decisions to be taken interfered this Friday in the budget conclave, which will last all weekend. What modus operandi will be chosen? Favoring low-income households, not distinguishing between citizens: here too, everyone has their own idea.

We toured the French-speaking parties to find out their position and how they planned to help consumers pay their bills …

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> In the PS: a check for 100 euros for all households

Pierre-Yves Dermagne announced it on Thursday night on the set of “Jeudi en Prime.” As Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Minister for the Economy, he advocates a 100-euro energy check distributed to each household, one of the measures taken by his party to help all Belgians cope with rising prices. A check without social conditions or income, “because it is difficult to make distinctions,” he said. Read more.

> On the MR: the reverse ratchet

For the MR, it would be better to opt for a reverse ratchet system, to amortize the energy bill, in the same way that has been practiced in the past on fuel prices. Then we work on the level of environmental taxation to reduce it and that the price remains relatively stable for the citizen ”, indicates the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez. Read more.

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