Raspberry Pi WiFi faster than Apple M2 MacBook Air?

Raspberry Pi enthusiast Jeff Gerling posted his first video of 2023 comparing the WiFi connection speed of a Raspberry Pi compute module versus his new Apple M2 MacBook Air laptop. Check out the interesting video below that shows just how fast the Pi Compute Module wireless can be with the right hardware.

Jeff uses his newly established WiFi 6E connection and shows how the new standard provides a huge upgrade over the previous WiFi 6 standard and discusses the possibilities of what could be available when WiFi 7 is rolled out in the near future. The presentation uses an Intel AX210 IEEE 802.11ax Bluetooth 5.2 WiFi/Bluetooth triband combo adapter connected to a Raspberry Pi. The hardware is available for purchase from online retailers for around $23 and offers connectivity over 6GHz, 5GHz. and 2.4 GHz wireless bands.

“Raspberry Pi faster than the latest MacBook Air M2? You bet it is! And it’s not clickbait – watch the video to find out that WiFi 6E is a major upgrade from WiFi 6 and what could be in store for WiFi 7!”

Raspberry Pi WiFi Speed

“The Intel AX210 Network Adapter with Intel WiFi 6E technology delivers high performance and good compatibility while reducing power consumption and extending service life. AX210 NGW Wireless LAN Card Provides a triband (6 GHz, 5 GHz, and 2.4 GHz) signal. Maximum speed up to 5374Mbps (2400Mbps @ 6GHz + 2400Mbps @ 5GHz + 574Mbps @ 2.4GHz). Based on Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth 5.3 adds LE enhanced connection / host set controller key length function / LE channel hierarchy function. Make Bluetooth 5.3 lower latency, stronger antiinterference, longer battery life. Windows 11/10 64bit support, WiFi and Bluetooth drivers must be installed on a working PC (search “AX210NGW” on the Intel website to download and install WiFi and Bluetooth drivers).”

Source: Jeff Gerling.

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