Raspberry Pi Zero 2W USB sound card and DAC member Mason Fleck has created a new project that might be of interest to Raspberry Pi enthusiasts by taking a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W mini PC and turning it into a fullfeatured DAC and DSP using an Allo miniBOSS DAC board. Available for purchase for $39, miniBOSS comes fully assembled and supports plug and play installation. Its creators explain a little more about its design.

“Our miniBOSS DAC is unique because of the way we implemented the power supply. First, we divide the power into 3 channels and filter: one for the digital part, the second for the analog and the third for the clock itself. We then take the filtered power and use a second filter (LDO) to further suppress the noise. In addition, we use Japanese oscillators from NDK for very low jitter—nearly the same quality as the famous Crystek.”

Raspberry Pi DAC

“The goal of this project is to use the RPi Zero 2 W as a full featured DAC and DSP. This will be achieved using CamillaDSP as well as some other useful software to connect a USB capture device on the Pi to an Allo miniBOSS DAC. CamillaDSP’s DSP functionality won’t really be covered, but the basic configuration presented in this tutorial can be very easily extended to add filters, mixers, processing pipelines, and more. The base configuration can also be adapted for use with other I/O devices.”

“This project also adds volume and mute controls that are configured from the USB host device. In this case, a Windows computer is used as the host, and the volume and mute on the RPi can be adjusted using the volume control and mute button in Windows.”

If you would like to build your own Raspberry Pi DAC, please visit the official project on the website using the link below.


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