RATP: the Navigo on iPhone is progressing slowly

The RATP application for iPhone is enriched with new features: RATP announced yesterday that it has opened the possibility of recharging its Navigo pass directly from the RATP application. The option was already available to users of the Île-de-France mobility application (formerly Vianavigo) since January 18, 2021.

For iPhone owners using the RATP application, it is now possible to scan their Navigo and order a transport ticket directly from the application, by paying either with Apple Pay or by credit card. The NFC sensor is used to detect the Navigo, then once payment has been made to load the tickets purchased via the application onto the Navigo pass. The service is available for owners of an iPhone from the iPhone 7, carrying a version of the OS with at least iOS 13. The RATP indicates that the iPhones XR, XS and XS Max are not for the ‘moment not compatible but they should be soon.

Not yet the expected sesame

This feature had previously been made available to NFC-enabled Android phone users with version of Android 6.0 or higher. Android smartphone users can also use their smartphone to validate their ticket at entry terminals, since the end of 2019. A possibility that is not yet available for iPhone owners: according to a spokesperson for Île-de-France Mobiility, the organization in charge of advancing on the subject, negotiations with Apple are underway to resolve the technical and contractual blockages allowing iPhone owners to load their title from transport on their phone and use it to go through checks. For now, you will therefore have to continue using your Navigo pass and simply top it up using your iPhone.

As reported by FrAndroid at the beginning of the year, the problem would come from the choice of NFC protocol used by the public transport system of Ile de France, a unique protocol to which Apple would have to comply to offer this functionality. For now, therefore, no announced calendar or date for the arrival of this option. In 2019, Valérie Pécresse was annoyed by Apple’s lack of responsiveness on these subjects. The integration of the Navigo pass into the iPhone marks a step forward with these new announcements, but continues to lag behind.

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