Ray tracing, cloud computing and machine learning gaming technologies explained

If you’re interested in learning more about the technologies game studios around the world are using to create the latest AAA titles to run on PC and consoles. You might be interested in a new video created by Ubisoft that explains the basics of ray tracing lighting effects, cloud gaming and machine learning. “Ubisoft developers are introducing three new technologies that we use at Ubisoft to continue to shape the future of gaming: ray tracing, cloud computing and machine learning.”

Ray tracing is a relatively new technology that requires the latest graphics cards to add additional lighting to every frame in a game, providing more immersive and realistic rendering of graphics and surfaces. Ray tracing is a light transport simulation technique for use in a wide variety of rendering algorithms to create digital images in a wide variety of applications. Ray tracing is capable of simulating a wide range of different optical effects in games, such as reflection, refraction, soft shadows, scattering, depth of field, motion blur, caustics, ambient shading, and dispersion phenomena such as chromatic aberration.

ray tracing gaming technology

“Reality was thought to be decades away, but NVIDIA made realtime ray tracing possible with the NVIDIA RTX, the world’s first realtime raytraced GPU, and has continued to pioneer the technology ever since. With NVIDIA RT cores, ray tracing adds unparalleled beauty and realism to rendering and seamlessly fits into existing development pipelines. The NVIDIA SDKs allow developers to take full advantage of the ray tracing capabilities of NVIDIA hardware. See how NVIDIA developer tools work together to create amazing nextgeneration content with realtime ray tracing.”

Source: : Ubisoft

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