Rayane Bensetti: Several months after the controversy, we finally know where his relationship with Denista Ikonomova is!

As we told you on NextPlz a few months ago, Rayane Bensetti and Camille Lellouche found themselves at the heart of a big controversy after having published, by mistake, a story on Snapchat, of an evening, probably, too watered. Indeed, in the evening with the comedian-singer Camille Lellouche, the actor had then balanced in an Instagram story: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am smoking a tamien (cannabis, editor’s note), I am with the family”. What the singer and comedian replied: “Family, uh… I’ll tell you this, eh anyway”. That’s not all since at the end of the video, Camille and Rayane had exchanged a more than languid kiss.

And remember, this small error, had made a lot of noise on social networks. Quickly, we could read on the web, among the comments of Internet users: “Very vulgar! and shocking! do what you want, but don’t film yourself! “ Or “He’s drugged, he doesn’t know what he’s doing”. The reaction of Internet users was not the only problem encountered by the two stars after the publication of this shocking video… For good reason, at the same period, even if it was not really official, Rayane shared the life of the famous dancer , Denitsa Ikonomova.

Rayane Bensetti confirms that he is still in contact with Denitsa Ikonomova ⓒ Instagram @ rayanebensetti

Denitsa Ikonomova and Rayane Bensetti: Officially reconciled?

Only a few days after the story leaked onto the web, Denitsa had also unfollow her former partner of Dance with the stars, on Instagram. And the young man meanwhile, kept posting messages of despair on his Instagram account. But then, several months after this dark affair, would Denitsa have decided to forgive Rayane? We don’t really know, but during a recent Q&A with his Instagram subscribers, the comedian confirmed that he was still in contact with the pretty brunette, with two heart emojis to accompany his response… So, what do you think? Can we believe in a return of the couple? We hope so with all our hearts!

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