Razer Enki Pro Review: Our Opinion

Many of us who sit at the computer all day did not have to wait for a generalization distant work realize the importance of a good work chair. This is also true for video game fans who spend long hours in front of a screen, and gaming brands understand this.

In particular, Razer offers several models of gaming chairs from the ISKUR line and the ENKI line. The Enki Pro model is the most successful, but also the most expensive, that the brand currently has on sale. We had the opportunity to test it to share our impressions with you.

If you decide one of these days to take this model, then plan to transport the box together. It is as heavy as it is imposing (37 kg). At the opening, Razer announces the color by providing assembly gloves, which could mean the operation will be tedious (spoiler alert: no).

The set is well protected and easy to remove. The two main blocks, the seat and back are not assembled yet. The set includes a leg and various accessories, as well as an assembly tool and very clear instructions on how to complete the steps.


Assembly begins with the installation of the leg and its 5 wheels, then the pump that will be used to raise or lower the assembly. The seat takes place after 4 screws are screwed to the support, which allows the chair to tilt.


4 other screws (8 already preinstalled) will be used to fix the backrest. They are then nicely camouflaged with cut plastic blocks matching the back cover, which has an embossed texture that is not very sensitive to fingerprints.


Finally, the headrest is positioned with a magnetic system that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height, or simply remove it instantly when you don’t want to use it.

head support

The assembly operation ended up being extremely simple and fast. One person can easily get this done in a few minutes without the need for any other tool other than the one provided by Razer, and ended up with no gloves.

The Alcantara is quite pleasant to the touch, and the finishing seams that hold the straps and the faux leather sidewall cover seem to be made to stand up to the times. The label states that the coating has been tested to resist burning if a cigarette comes into contact with the material.


The set is quite successful from a design point of view and gives the impression of quality and solidity. Please note that the Razer Enki Pro chair is also available in two other special editions: the Williams Esports Edition with blue leatherette upholstery instead of black, and the Koenigsegg Edition with yellow.

gaming chair

And there is nothing missing in the settings. The first one to use is probably the one that allows you to adjust the height of the chair to match the height of your desk. It is the double lever that allows you to perform this manipulation, acting on the right side. On the other hand, it allows you to lock out the tilt system if you prefer a fixed posture or swing in a chair.

The large knob in the middle affects the resistance of the tilt mechanism when it is not locked. This will vary depending on the weight of each person. The Enki Pro can accommodate people weighing up to 136 kg.


To adjust the angle of inclination, use the wheel on the side. Sitting in the chair, you unlock the mechanism and tilt the back, tilting your body back. And this can make a big difference, since the maximum open angle (152 degrees) allows you to take a nap in a fairly comfortable position.


Perhaps, it is in this position that the presence of a head restraint is most useful. In the “working” position, its thickness can really interfere, depending on the inclination and the adopted position. If the magnetic system were useful for fixing the height, a second thinner model would be an interesting alternative.

Finally, as far as the armrests are concerned, a lot of settings are also available by simply pressing the available buttons. The height is adjusted with the lever on the right. They tilt sideways to adapt to the hand spacing that suits you best, as well as place them further forward or back depending on the desired position. Finally, this same button also allows you to rotate them slightly inward or outward.


The stiffness of the Enki Pro chair may surprise you at first, but it doesn’t affect comfort. Even after about ten hours of daily work at the desk, there was no pain in the seat or in the back. However, it’s a pity that there’s no way to increase or decrease the lumbar support, even if it plays its role perfectly when it’s in place at the bottom of the seat.

Thus, without this possible adjustment, the difference with the classic Enki chair is quite negligible. The biggest benefit is that it offers a magnetic headrest that can be placed at different heights much more easily than with the Enki seat belt system. The synthetic leather is the best quality according to the brand and the alcantara material is really attractive. We also like to have some fun with lighting here and there, like what’s offered with the Razer Chrome head cushion offered on the manufacturer’s website.

So the classic Razer Enki seat costs 449 euros instead of 1099 euros, which allows you to save a lot of money without depriving yourself of all available settings.

It is this high price level that can scare away potential buyers. Also note that assembly is heavy and that it is best to assemble the seat in its final location. You may need to split the file to transport it. On the other hand, moving it around a carpet with wheels while you sit on it is not always easy due to its weight.

Apart from these points, the Razer Enki Pro chair offers very good comfort with a fairly solid seat that allows you to play as well as work for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. Many settings will allow the chair to be adapted to most body types and workplaces. The finishes are impeccable and everything exudes solidity. The investment of 1099 euros is still the same, but which should accompany your gaming sessions for a long time.

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