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In today’s reading tips: neurodiversity cybersecurity experts and the troubling question of how soon Germany will experience data loss.

Welcome to another edition of our reading tips. In fact, Joshua Moon and his Kiwi Farms forum should be headlines again in our reading tips this Sunday. But then I stumbled upon the neurodiverse cybersecurity experts at CISA.

And then there is Telegram. The popular messenger (unfortunately) made headlines again this week. But besides that, today we again collected for you some or other “boring” tools. All Lego friends among you should love one of these. 😉

Reading Tips: CISA Launches Neurodiversity Cybersecurity Recruitment Pilot

Finally something more than a positive name. And, as is often the case, I’m surprised that this project of this institution, which is very important in the US, is not getting much coverage.

Kirsten Todt, chief of staff for the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), is taking a completely new approach. Of course, opinions on this matter will differ greatly.

Whether this is a step in the right direction remains to be seen. In any case, this decision is bold and perhaps even revolutionary.

I would be very interested in your opinion on this topic, in my opinion, interesting and important!


Sometimes I have to look twice when I stumble upon a headline of reading tips on the web. Such is the case with this “pure find”, which at first glance seems a little strange.

Luckily, Swedish open source developer and curl maintainer Daniel Stenberg explained everything in detail in one of his blog posts. – our most read headlines of the week

Magic Cloak Reading Tips Always Worth Seeing

Like every Sunday, we’d like to present you with a small selection of the articles you’ve read the most this week in our Reading Tips. Because, of course, every headline here is a super hot tip for you.

  • BlueHornet: TikTok security hacker researcher
  • DropKiwifarms: Kiwi Farms user indicted
  • Joshua Moon: Kiwi Farm Escape to the Dark Web
  • Darknet drug traffickers arrested in Braunau
  • Search terms: 81% of major websites sell unsolicited data.
  • Minecraft is the most vulnerable game to spread malware
  • helps overcome PayWalls
  • How is it now, seriously? Haven’t read these interesting articles yet? Well, then it really is (by the way) the time. :D

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    Recommended Reading: Joshua Moon – The Kiwi Farm Hunt Continues

    Indeed, there are “threads” this week that have stated that Kiwi Farms is one of the last bastions of free speech on the internet. Pretty strong stuff, so a statement.

    But you must stick to it. Because the Kiwi Farms trolls feel (slightly) trampled by the massive media attention – well, who can blame them, that’s to be expected.

    However, it doesn’t really change much. Foam is and always will be foam. I think Kevin Beaumont summed it up very well: “Kiwi Farms is racism that people dismiss as ‘funny’ and ‘ironic’. It’s neither one nor the other.”

    So it’s no wonder that wherever Joshua Moon appears with his “Hate Speech Forum”, which is notorious for harassment and cyberbullying, he is immediately “knocked down” again.

    Data charges for Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple and more?

    This title from should also make you think. The European Commission believes that large American technology companies should participate in the expansion of the network in Germany. On the one hand, it’s understandable. After all, as you can read in the article, more than half of global network traffic comes from just six companies. Right. Google, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

    On the other hand, the question again arises: “What network update”? Because here in Germany it progresses so slowly that it almost hurts. Anyone who frequently travels long distances with Deutsche Bahn can sing a song about it. :D

    Reading Tips: Telegram hands over user data to German authorities

    This in itself is nothing new. For example, Telegram has a long history of fighting child pornography and terrorism. Cooperation with the authorities, in particular the removal of relevant content, has been going on for many years.

    The fact that the German authorities, unlike in other countries, have not been able to properly communicate with Telegram officials for years does not change much.

    But if you really want to take a look behind the scenes of Telegram, I would like to recommend the following video.

    I would also be very interested to know your opinion on this matter. How do you see Telegram? Can and should Pavel Durov continue his “freedom of speech” as before, despite the losses? If not, what are the limits?

    Brickit – Build new things with old bricks

    As promised in the introduction to our reading tips, here is an interesting and useful tool for all the Lego friends among our readers.

    Just lay out your building blocks on the table and take a picture. Brickit shows you hundreds of ideas of what you can build with and where exactly you need individual elements.

    Unfortunately I didn’t have the building blocks or iPhone to test this app for you. 🙁

    Reading Tips: MagSpoof is a wireless (wireless) spoof of credit cards/magstripe.

    Our last reading tips headline for today is also a tooltip. Samy Kamkar, the developer of this small but great tool, makes one thing clear right from the start.

    MagSpoof does not allow you to use credit cards to which you are not legally entitled.

    Chip and PIN and Amex information is not implemented and using MagSpoof requires you to have the tapes you want to emulate.

    Sami Kamkar

    Unfortunately, the smelly fish was left behind. But any avid enthusiast among our reading tips readers will definitely have a beating heart. :D

    Daily news from lilprof54 on our forum

    Sunday Reading Tips

    Unfortunately, that was also the case with our reading tips this Sunday. But if that’s not enough for you, I have some very good news for you.

    Because on our forum lilprof54 publishes his exciting and sensational news every day.

    Among other things, it contains notable events that have taken place on this day in recent years. Therefore, the daily news is really always worth a visit. Promised!

    As always, I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did writing. I’m already looking forward to next Sunday and (of course) the next reading tips. :D

    Oh yeah, if you have any exciting and interesting “reading tips” that we absolutely must report here, please let us know. Our Telegram group and forum will be the right place for you. I’m looking forward to your suggestions!


    All health, take care of yourself and come back next Sunday. I will be very glad to your visit.

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