Realme TechLife the first Realme robot vacuum cleaner with integrated LiDAR system has arrived

Realme has stood out in the smartphone segment, but is clearly ready to bet on other aspects of the technology. Now he is launching his first robot vacuum cleaner, thus assuming a presence in the domestic segment.

The Realme TechLife in addition to the vacuum can still be purchased with a mop system. It incorporates a LiDAR sensor to detect objects around the house with great precision and also allows up to 5 cards to be recorded.


Realme has just launched its first robot vacuum cleaner which appears to be one of the first options for products dedicated to the smart home. In addition to vacuuming, Realme TechLife also allows you to mop the floor with water and a rag. This is an optional option at the time of purchase.

Realme TechLife with integrated LiDAR sensor

This product has 38 different sensors for intelligent navigation, including the LiDAR sensor which is increasingly integrated into these products, creating a more accurate, faster and more efficient object identification and mapping system.

Recall that the LiDAR sensor system stands out, for example, in the automotive sector, particularly in autonomous driving systems, and in the aerospace sector itself, integrated in several NASA probes.

In a vacuum, the sensor measures the distance to an object, thanks to the emission of pulsed light. Thus, it is possible to calculate the best route for cleaning a room.

In terms of mapping, in addition to the efficiency of the integrated sensors, there is also the possibility of recording 5 maps. For those who have more than one floor in the house and inequalities in the divisions, this possibility is a great advantage, being able to create cleaning zones, no-go zones or even direct the vacuum cleaner anywhere, easily and in permanence.

The sensor system also makes it possible to identify the type of floor and adapt the cleaning, for example by increasing the power when climbing a treadmill or by cleaning the corners of the room.

It has a suction power of up to 3000 Pa with four different suction levels. The water tank is electronic and the amount of water can also be adjusted via the app. Note that the water tank has 300ml.

Realme TechLife emits low noise at 55dB, supports connection via mobile app and even voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Realme TechLife robot vacuum is available for the promotional introductory price of € 284 using the discount code 96 ROBOT. The model with water tank is available for 318 € (code 96ROBOT1). Delivery is free and available from a European warehouse (France), so fast delivery is free. This promotion is valid until the next 25.

Realme TechLife

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