[RECAP] Indie World 08/11/2021 Nintendo Generation

On this Wednesday, August 11, 2021, Nintendo gave us a new broadcast of announcements. Through a Indie World, the manufacturer of the Switch has announced new games from the independent scene. And now is the time to sum it all up.

This is one of the most anticipated indie games of the year Hollow Knight Silksongs Axiom Verge 2 is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Developed solo by Tom Happ, it follows the first opus released on Wii U and then on Switch. Still in a universe of Metroidvania, you will have to fight your way through the enemies and the turtle environment of this world.

A boxed version was announced by Limited Run Games. Pre-orders will be open on October 4th to get Axiom Verge 2 or a collection bringing together the two opuses. And as always with LRG … stocks will be very limited.

Other game available today, Garden story. A simulation game that incorporates some mechanics similar to Stardew Valley. But also an adventure game where you will have to face enemies and cross caves.

In a visual novel style, there is also a “Director’s Cut” version of Necrobarista: Last Service. There it will be necessary to interact with many characters to advance the story. This new version also offers a studio mode to create your own scenes and dialogues. For now, this is a console exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

In short, other games are also available from today on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This is the case of Boyfriend Dungeon, romantic simulation mixing RPG and seduction game with a sword (something for everyone). equally Islanders Console Edition, where thanks to a procedural system, it will be necessary to create towns and villages on small islands. Curious expedition 2 is a turn-based rogue-like expedition set in an alternate era that echoes 19th century culture. Finally, Slime Rancher Plortable Edition offers you to capture and park blobs in enclosures.

Another highly anticipated release of this year 2021: Eastward. First game developed by Pixpil but published by Chucklefish (Wargroove, Stardew Valley …) which is starting to become an interesting independent label. Eastward takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where John, a bearded miner will have to solve puzzles, solo or in pairs. But above all with a magnificent artistic direction and a mastered pixel art! Release planned for Nintendo Switch September 16 next as a temporary exclusivity.

First released as a Playstation exclusive, time allowed him to free himself from his prison. Tetris Effect: Connected already available on Xbox Game Pass arrives on Nintendo Switch to be playable at home and “on the go”. Thanks to your sense of rhythm and varied environments, you will have to perform series of lines to move from level to level. This version also (and above all) includes an online mode to compete against other players. Planned release October 8, 2021.

After the excitement of a game of Tetris Effect, you have to relax. This is where comes in Toem: A Photo Adventure. In a black and white universe, you will have to take pictures of everything that happens on different islands. A bit like Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, it will be necessary to complete a book of unusual, funny or touching photos in order to make you memories. This relaxing little break is scheduled for fall of this year.

He was one of the independent sensation this summer, Loop Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch this winter. A strategy game where, thanks to cards, you have to create the world in which the hero of the game evolves. To move forward. Through endless expeditions, it will be possible to position enemies, buildings and obstacles to the hero of the game. The goal is to collect the most loot and keep your hero alive. Published by Devolver Digital, the release is scheduled for this winter on the eShop.

Shovel knight is back in a new style and genre in Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon. No more 2D adventure, say hello to the puzzle game where you have to combine enemies to smash them. The game promises to be a little deeper and deeper than a Candy Crush like. We will find the emblematic bosses of Shovel Knight as well as these allies. The game is scheduled for the end of 2021.

Two other titles were presented for release this year. Gang Beasts, a multiplayer game with gelatinous characters where you have to fight other gelatinous characters. Release announced for this autumn.

Finally, here is a game that should please Donatien de Montazac a lot: Hundred Days Winemaking Simulator. Indeed, this is a vineyard simulation. Cultivating your sanity, selling bottles and making your vineyard grow, everything goes there. A labeled wine winter 2021.

While 2021 appears to have started yesterday, 2022 is just four months away. And many developers are already planning to release their game next year. This is the case of the French of Dotemu with Metal Slug Tactics. Taking the graphic style of the classic Metal Slug, this is in fact a very nervous tactical. Release announced for 2022.

Seeing it, some believed in a new Jet Set Radio. So even if the inspirations are there, it is not a new opus of the license of SEGA. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is a skateboard game where you have to walk around a city. It will be possible to embody several characters and to paint graffiti on the walls of the city. The game is a temporary exclusive on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

FAR Changing Tides is the continuation of FAR Lone Sails. In a world engulfed by water, it will be necessary to navigate on a boat to find a new home. Release announced for 2022.

Astroneer is a planet exploration game. The goal will be to build the bases to live and move forward in the universe. It will then be necessary to find resources everywhere to build ships, equipment and buildings. And thus become the richest astronaut in the galaxy by January 2022.

Already presented at E3 last, Lumbear Jack puts us in the skin of a lumberjack bear. It will take a whole bunch of puzzles to save the forest from human pollution. Release announced for 2022 on Nintendo Switch.


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