Recommendations from Lam Shang Lin Report: Study on the drug scourge on Rodrigues

Authorities are in the process of implementing the recommendations of a 2018 report by the Narcotics Inquiry Commission chaired by former Judge Paul Lam Shang Lin regarding Rodriguez. Representatives from the National Narcotics Secretariat will visit the island in September and October to measure the prevalence of drug use among the population.

A mechanism will soon be established to monitor the drug situation in Rodrigues. Strategies, they say at the level of the Prime Minister’s office, will also be developed to minimize the drug threat in the country.

In the Narcotics Commission’s report, Rodriguez was very critical. One of the issues raised is the fact that there is a “high level” of cannabis users on the island and that the shipment is even exported to Mauritius. “Cannabis is grown under cover of pastures, in valleys, and even hung from wakoa trees,” the report says.

Producer practices? They kill their animals and leave them in a state of decay. This is to scare off passers-by. “The Commission was also informed that young people between the ages of 16 and 17 use cannabis. With the arrival of visitors, hard drugs begin to appear in the country,” the report also notes.

The prime minister’s office also became aware of the involvement of some police officers in the drug trade. To find out for sure, a team of secret agents was sent to the island in June. They were tasked with investigating. The report has been released.

Is the trip of representatives of the National Secretariat for Narcotics connected with the report of the secret agents? This is what Le Dimanche/L’hebdo tried in vain to find out in the prime minister’s office. In a telephone statement Saturday evening, Franso Grandcourt, Rodriguez’s deputy chief commissioner, welcomed the fact that a delegation would soon travel to the island to conduct a drug prevalence study.

“The situation on Rodrigues is not alarming,” emphasizes Franco Grandcourt. But if the national government does not demonstrate its will to combat this scourge, he continues, the situation is likely to worsen.

“At the regional government level, we are aware of the drug situation in Rodrigues. The fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking is our forte. This measure also appears in our election manifesto. We know about the impact of drugs on young people. We don’t want this in our house! This is the opinion of the majority of Rodriguans,” continues Franco Grandcourt.

“We welcome,” he concludes, “we welcome the representatives of the National Secretariat on Narcotics and are confident that we will ensure that the recommendations of the Narcotics Inquiry Commission report are implemented. »


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