Reconditioning: up to 180 euros offered to take back your old PS4

If you no longer use your PS4, you can drop it off at Fnac. In exchange, you will receive a voucher ranging from 140 to 180 euros. Since mid-May, the brand – in 91 of its stores – has set up a system of taking back PlayStation 4, these game consoles from the Sony brand. In detail: for a registered PS4 Slim 500 GB, you will have 140 euros, 150 euros for a 1 TB PS4 Slim and up to 180 euros for a 1 TB PS4 Pro. The voucher is valid for one year and on all the departments of Fnac.

To develop this service, Fnac has joined forces with YesYes, a company specializing in the reconditioning of smartphones and PS4s, which therefore recovers these consoles and takes care of repairing them. So that they can be taken back, “the original console and controller must be functional” explains David Mignot, co-founder of YesYes. “On the other hand, providing the cables for the connection is not necessary. They are replaced with new, eco-designed and 100% recyclable cables. “As regards the external condition,” scratches are accepted but not a broken chassis, “he adds.

The device extended to other consoles?

Because these PS4, once “reconditioned”, will then be available for sale at Fnac, with a 2-year warranty. And above all much cheaper. “We are in a particular context,” emphasizes Katell Bergot, Director of Seconde Vie at Fnac. After a shortage of new generation consoles including the PS5, they are now increasingly available. With this partnership, we are targeting two kinds of clientele: those willing to give up their PS4 to buy a PS5. And those who do not necessarily have the means to buy a new one and who will be interested in one at a lower price ”.

Note that a new generation console costs around 400-500 euros. For a reconditioned PS4, it is almost half as much (250-300 euros), according to David Mignot. Fnac and YesYes are now considering extending this device to other game consoles such as those from Microsoft or Nintendo Switch.

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