RED by SFR 20 GB vs Prixtel 20 GB, what is the best plan at 5 euros?

For RED by SFR, the subscription deadline is Sunday June 13 and, at Prixtel, it is June 15. If the two offers scrutinized remain without commitment, Prixtel increases the monthly rate after one year: the 4.99 euros for the first year then drop to 9.99 euros. There are also differences in terms of network, because Prixtel offers, at the time of subscription, to choose between Orange or SFR (you can enter an address to compare 3G / 4G coverage). We decipher for you these non-binding offers for a very limited time. At the end of this duel, you will be armed to make the best choice.

Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS

RED and Prixtel include in their packages unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France, as well as to and from Europe and the overseas departments. SMS and MMS are also unlimited to and from the same areas. For several years, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS no longer constitute a sufficiently differentiating criterion between the offers. The two competitors therefore end up tied.

RED and Prixtel equality

Data for France

RED offers as Prixtel (with a little subtlety) 20 GB of data for France. For large consumers of 4G data, RED sells Internet top-ups at 2 euros per GB. At Prixtel, data consumption is flexible, from 20 GB to 40 GB. We must therefore understand that we pay 4.99 euros up to at 20 GB, then 7.99 euros for 30 GB and finally 9.99 euros for 40 GB. This price is increased beyond the first year. With a clear price and no mark-up, RED is making a point.

RED Advantage

Data for abroad

Abroad, Prixtel wins his duel without possible discussion. RED allows you to spend only 6 GB in Europe and the DOM while Prixtel grants you 10 GB to use in the same territories.

Prixtel Advantage

Prixtel wins the match

If you opt for the small MVNO package and want to keep your phone number, you will need to obtain your RIO (operator identity statement) by dialing 3179 on your mobile. Once, the RIO in your possession, the new operator will manage the portability of your number and will take care of terminating your previous contract.

On paper, Prixtel offers the most advantageous offer at 5 euros with in particular 10 GB usable in roaming and the choice of network, between Orange and SFR. The only downside is its flexible billing. It is therefore up to the user to regularly monitor his data consumption to avoid unpleasant surprises. In fine, we regret that the very attractive price fades quickly once the first year has expired.

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