RED by SFR, B&You or Prixtel: here’s the best 200 GB package for less than 20 euros –

For less than 20 euros, each of our three operators offers an optional 200 GB mobile plan. In B&You and RED by SFR, the subscription price does not increase after one year of the contract. Count 19.99 euros per month for one, 20 euros for the other. Prixtel applies a 6-month promotion to its offer. The bill is 18.99 euros, then 21.99 euros.

B&You 200 GB plan features

Items to remember about B&You Data 4G Metropolitan France offers 200GB of 4G data for Europe and other regions.

25 GB

Calls, SMS and MMS Unlimited calls in mainland France and from Europe/DOM 4G coverage B&You population (Arcep) >99% 4G coverage B&You territory 94% B&You average uplink speed 55 Mbps Average B&You uplink speed 14 Mbps SIM card 10 € Price
19.99€ per month

Commitment No.

RED by SFR 200 GB Package Features

Things to remember about the RED offer from SFRData 4G Metropolitan France200 GBData 4G Europe and DOM

20 GB

Calls, SMS and MMSUnlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France and from EU and DOM
4G coverage Population SFR>99%4G coverage Territory SFR95%Average uplink speed SFR69 MbpsAverage uplink speed SFR12 MbpsSIM card10€Price20€ per monthCommitmentNo

Features of the Prixtel 200 GB package

Items to remember about Prixtel Data 4G Metropolitan France offer 200GB of 4G Europe data and DOM

20 GB

Calls, SMS and MMS Unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in France, as well as from the EU and Germany
Unlimited calls to US/Canada + EU/DOM landlines 4G coverage Population SFR >99% 4G coverage Territory SFR 95% SFR Average uplink speed 69 Mbps Average uplink speed SFR 12 Mbps SIM card 10 € Price
€18.99 per month for 6 months, then €21.99

Commitment No.

B&You signs the best 200GB package for €19.99

The low cost Bouygues Telecom brand offers a very solid and balanced formula with a comfortable shell for metropolitan France as well as other countries. We also value a price that does not double in half a year or a year.

Remember that in order to switch from one carrier to another while keeping their phone number, you will need to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is restored, the new operator will take care of porting your number.

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