Red Dead Online: Bonuses for Underground Distillers

Game news Red Dead Online: Bonuses for Underground Distillers


This week in Red Dead Online, a multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption II also available alone for € 19.99, players who have chosen the career of underground distiller will be entitled to various bonuses.

Throughout the week, Red Dead Online Underground Distillers will be able to Double their XP and RDO $ earnings by completing any story mission or promotion mission. The sale of alcohol will also be rewarded, since it will bring in 1.5x times the RDO $ and double the role XP. Rockstar is also encouraging players to start in this role of distiller. by offering them 10 refills of wort this week. As for those who destroy 5 dams of anti-fraud agents, they will get a 40% reduction on a novice or promising item from a still. For the more experienced, the same promotion will be applied to items of established or distinguished role after making a sale. Also note that the distillery can be purchased for 5 ingots until May 3. In addition to the rest, Rockstar announces that all expenses related to the travel and relocation of the distillery are free.

Part of the limited edition catalog

  • Ortega vest
  • Checked cap
  • Carver pants
  • Skin half leggings
  • Raccoon hat

Weekly promotions

  • A 30% discount awaits players in the benefits tab of the menu for a poncho. The offer will remain accessible 72 hours after activation
  • -40% on the role of distiller outfits
  • -40% on Norfolk Roadster horses
  • -30% on distillery upgrades and stills
  • -30% on interactions
  • -30% on vests

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