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Here are all the Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats.

There are several PS4 and Xbox One cheat codes in Red Dead Redemption 2 that give you various benefits. From endless ammo and weapons to more honor and money, we’ve listed all 37 western adventure cheat codes for you. But first, let’s talk about how to enable cheats.

Enable and enter cheats in Red Dead 2

You can easily enable cheats on PS4 and Xbox. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Pause game
  • Select settings at the bottom of the menu
  • Press triangle (PS4) or Y (Xbox One).

  • This is what the cheat window looks like.

    Some cheats have requirements that you must meet in order to activate them. This means: for some cheat codes, you first need to buy special magazines, which you only get when you have progressed in a certain way or only in a certain chapter.

    However, some other cheats do not make any requirements. The table below shows which codes you need logs for and which you don’t. Important: The required magazines must be in your inventory if you want to redeem the code.

    Weapon Tips in Red Dead Redemption 2

    Weapon-Cheats without requirements:

    cheat code Effect Simple life, beautiful death Unlocks standard weapon Death silence switches, etc. machete, tomahawk,
    Free Poisoned Knife History is Written by Switch Fools Etc. Schofield Revolvers,
    Free Double Barreled Shotgun

    Cheats for weapons with the requirement:

    Cheat code (+requirement) Effect Abundance – the most stupid desire
    (Requires New Hanover Gazetto No. 27,
    available in Valentine in Chapter 1) gives you infinite ammo. Greed is an American virtue.
    (Purchase Blackwater Ledger #65 after Chapter 3, Advertising, America’s New Art) You will immediately receive: Shotgun, Bolt-Action Rifle, Mauser Pistol, Semi-Automatic Pistol.

    Cheats for money, crafting, storage upgrades and maps

    Cheats without requirements:

    code Effect Greed is now a virtue You get $500 of immediate action Unlocks all camp upgrades Eating knowledge unlocks all vanity recipes/crafting formulas All that vanity Unlocks all of Arthur’s outfits Fool on command Intoxicates Arthur

    Demand Cheats:

    Cheat code (+requirement) Effect You want to see, but you see nothing
    (Buy Blackwater Ledger Book #66,
    after chapter 3, the mission “Blood feud, ancient and modern”) Unlocks the entire map

    Dead Eye, Health, and Stamina Tips

    Cheats without requirements:

    code Effect Guide me better unlock Dead eye level 1 make me better unlock Dead eye level 2 I will be better unlock Dead eye level 3 I seek even more unlock Dead eye level 4 I seek and find unlock Dead eye level 5 Don’t be greedy only foresight Yours Dead Eye gauge is permanent Thrive before death Instantly restores health, stamina, and Dead Eye bars Find all rewards in this location Level up your health, stamina, and Dead Eye gauge on the Dead Eye gauge

    Demand Cheats:

    code (+ requirement) Effect Looking for more than the world has to offer
    (Purchase Hanover Gazette #36 in Blackwater after Chapter 6, The King’s Son mission) Permanently buffs and recharges health, stamina, and Dead Eye bars.
    (Buy Blackwater Magazine (Ledger #67) after Chapter 5) Get Infinite Stamina

    Honor and Reward / Wanted Level Cheats

    Code Effect You want everyone to leave. Rewards and block zones instantly disappear. You want freedom to lower your current wanted level. You want the punishment to increase your current wanted level. Unearned virtue is not virtue.
    (Purchase Blackwater Ledger #67 after Chapter 4 City Pleasures mission) Increases honor to the highest level You enjoy your shame, I see
    (Purchased by New Hanover Gazette #27 on Valentine’s Day) Honor balance reduced to a minimum. Everything is balanced
    (Buy New Hanover Gazette #27 in Valentine) Reset Honor to Neutral

    Tips for horses and carriages

    Cheats without requirements:

    code Effect Better than my dog ​​You can call your horse from any distance My horse kingdom Strengthens the relationship with your horse Run! Run! Run! A racehorse appears immediately Keep your dreams simple A horse cart appears immediately The best of the old ways Build a stagecoach immediately Keep your dream light breed a horse with a trailer Want something new breed a racehorse and you want more than you need, a superior horse

    Demand Cheats:

    code (+ requirement) Effect Would you be happier being a clown?
    (Purchase Blackwater Ledger #73 after the events of the epilogue) A circus cart appears immediately. You are a beast made for war.
    (Buy Blackwater Ledger No.72 after the events of the epilogue) Warhorse appears immediately


    Are there cheats for Red Dead Online?

    Multiplayer RDR 2 does not require cheats.

    Multiplayer RDR 2 does not require cheats.

    In addition to the single player mode, Red Dead Redemption 2 also supports multiplayer with Red Dead Online. But cheaters, of course, are blocked here: there are no cheats in Red Dead Online to ensure the integrity of the multiplayer game.

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