Red Dead Redemption 2: modders push boundaries and take you to another country

Game News Red Dead Redemption 2: modders push boundaries and take you to another country

When watching old Rockstar productions, such as Grand Theft Auto IV, which offered additional content that took us to new scenarios, Red Dead Redemption players dream of this kind of thing happening in the game, that beyond the American border extends a considerable playing field: Mexico.

But that’s not counting the creativity and limitless imagination of the Red Dead Redemption II community of modders who managed to break the virtual borders that separate the American lands from that arid Mexico that is now accessible and full of life.

All this, in fact, is not the priority of Rockstar, which focuses on the development of Red Dead Online and which beautifies the online mode, and can be played independently, activities of all kinds and new intrigues in the world to throughout the months. However, some players nostalgic for their Mexican expeditions in Red Dead Redemption, the first of the name, have decided to remedy this by embarking on a great project that goes beyond the limits of Red Dead Redemption II. In the base game, access is impossible and you have to be content with gazing at the horizon from certain vantage points in the game, such as New Austin.

Frustrated by the inability to explore this land that is catching up with them, the Red Dead Redemption II modelers finally found a way in and began to introduce many elements to develop a neglected region. So thanks to mods, Mexico welcomes a little more life and facilities with, for example, bridges, points of interest, settlements and campsites.

All the work done by the community has been compiled by modder Siemreaper, and includes many impressive additions such as a restoration of cut dialogue, new areas of the map inaccessible before or even activities of all kinds such as bank robberies. But if you want to take it easy, you can play some instruments or hang out with man’s best friend. At the moment, the changes are getting bigger and bigger, and if the activity seems low at the moment, it may be fixed quickly.

Sources: The player, NexusMods

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