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It’s hard to dislodge RED in the fiber field when its 23 euro box is crammed with options. This week again, the SFR subsidiary is offering up to August 10 the Debit Plus and Unlimited calls to mobile options. Free is among its most credible opponents with its Freebox mini 4K offered at 14.99 euros for a year then 34.99 euros. What is the best fiber internet deal of the week? Verdict.

1. The debits

Excluding promotions, the SFR fiber box can reach theoretical speeds of 300 Mb / s in reception and in transmission. It is then left behind by the Freebox mini 4K from Free, which displays a maximum theoretical downlink speed of 1 Gb / s and a theoretical amount debit of 600 Mb / s. But this week, there is a match since the RED Box includes the Debit Plus option for free. It allows you to take advantage of 1 Gb / s in download and 500 Mb / s in upload. Equality therefore between the two operators who will present speeds in practice more than sufficient to supply both 4K TV decoders, multiplayer sessions for gamers or the simultaneous download of large files.

In Wi-Fi, again impossible to decide between our challengers. Free’s mini 4K Freebox and SFR’s RED Box are based on 802.11 AC Wi-Fi very fast with a promise of 1.3 Gb / s theoretical.


2. Unlimited calls

From one side to the other, calls are unlimited to landlines in France and to more than 110 destinations. SFR takes the lead by offering the option Unlimited calls to mobiles (usually billed 5 euros per month as the Debit Plus option).

RED advantage by SFR

3. TV

Free includes in its offer more than 220 channels accessible via Freebox TV on its mini 4K. To benefit from a TV package at RED by SFR, you will have to put your hand in your pocket. The operator imposes on you a second checkout with two options to 2 and 4 euros per month who understand 35 and 100 channels (decoder included).

Free Advantage

4. Equipment

The RED by SFR fiber box has a recent technical sheet with the Wifi AC 5Ghz with 3×3 antennas (1300 Mbps theoretical), 4 Ethernet ports and 1 USB 2.0 port. The decoder (from 2 euros / month) is compatible UHD / 4K and accompanied by an “omnidirectional remote control with integrated AZERTY keyboard”.

The Freebox mini 4K also allows you to take advantage of Wifi AC with the promise of a theoretical flow of 1300 Mbps. Free also includes 4 Ethernet ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports on its box. Compatible UHD / 4K, the Freebox Player runs on Android TV.


Free or RED? The best fiber offer of the week is …

Count 14.99 euros per month for a year then 34.99 euros for the Freebox mini 4K. Over two years, the Free box will therefore come back to you at 599.76 euros. The story is different on the side of RED since its package is marketed “for life”. Understand that its price will not change until the termination of the contract by the subscriber. After 24 months, the invoice will amount to 552 euros. But if you combine RED’s offer with the 100-channel TV option at 4 euros per month, the two-year bill will then be 625 euros. The price difference between the two packages is minimal and both lead to solid speeds.

If you regularly change your internet subscription, we recommend the Free one, which remains the cheapest over 12 months. “Geek hackers” will also appreciate it for its many optimization possibilities.

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